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Diamond Numerology Chart Analysis

Offer price: Rs. 250

Download: You will get the download link by email in 5 to 7 working days after payment is received.

The Diamond is one of the most powerful and beneficial divination tools numerology has to offer.  

Whereas other metaphysical tools reflect an individual’s personality, his or her character traits, talents, future forecast, and so forth, the Diamond reveals the chain of cause and effect that runs through our lives for the purpose of inspiring growth and offering guidance, both on the physical plane and the spiritual plane.  The Diamond could be called the I Ching of numerology, because it reveals the links and interaction between the material body and the spiritual body.

The top part of the Diamond reflects your spiritual body. It is the heaven.  The lower part of the Diamond represents your physical body. It is the earth.

The Diamond divides 81 years of your life in 36 time periods, each of which is presented in a 4-corner configuration – a kind of mini-diamond - within the Diamond.  In addition, while each of these time periods affects us for 18 years (overlapping in four and a half year segments) the dominating influence of each of these mini-diamonds moves to the foreground for only one year.  However, it sometimes repeats itself two or three times, often spaced a few years apart. 

A diagram of your personal Diamond based on the letters in your name is included with your report.  If you look closely, you will find the letter c next to a number in the top half of your Diamond, which points to your current Challenge.  In the lower half you will find the letters r, a, and o, next to three numbers which form an inverted triangle. The numbers within this triangle reflect your Root, Action Key, and Outcome for that period.

Your Challenge, located in the top of the Diamond, is like a divine quest meant to guide you on your spiritual path.  The Root, Action Key, and Outcome are of the earth, and outline the process that enables you to satisfy your Challenge. 

Your Root reflects the source; it is the catalyst that starts a particular chain of cause and effect.  The Action Key tells you how to respond.  And the Outcome shows the probable result. 


The Challenges are like Divine Quests, and are found in the top half of the Diamond.  

The top half of the Diamond reflects our spiritual evolution, while the lower half, which is where we find the Root, Action Key, and Outcome, tells us of our worldly existence and experiences.  Therefore, the Challenges reveal the true purpose of our struggles from a celestial viewpoint.  The Root, Action Key, and Outcome, reflect the trial, response, and outcome on the material plane, a chain of cause and effect which exists for the sole purpose of delivering the perspective needed to satisfy our Divine Quest. 

Within the context of reincarnation, the concept is that what we take with us when we leave our human body are certain qualities we earned or enhanced as a result of the life, or lives, we lived on this earth.  

Our Challenges are inspirations of a divine source that seduce us into learning and growing on a level above and beyond our worldly mind.  And as is befitting Divine Quests, the Challenges tend to be somewhat veiled and subtle.


The Root is the catalyst that sets a chain of events in motion.  Based on the concept that we are here on this earth in order to learn and grow, the Root exposes weaknesses or challenges which need to be dealt with.  Once we acknowledge the Root we get the opportunity to respond, thereby starting on a path of healing and growing.


The Action Key represents the guidance we are offered to help us on our path towards mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.


The Root sets us on a path.  The Action Key guides us along that path.  And the Outcome indicates what it is we find at the end of this path.

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